These are the general terms and conditions that you, as a customer, agree to when you sign up to participate in an activity of Struin Coaching and One True Life. These conditions are necessary and important because they determine the way we do business. Payment conditions – The amount for the activity in which you want to participate is transferred in full to the activity by us to the stated bank account number. – The registration is only finalized and final once you have paid in full. Complaints – Any complaints about the services / activity provided must be reported to one of us on the same day / evening. We can never be held liable for a higher amount than the amount of the activity in which you participate. Cancellation options – Cancellation by the customer is possible up to 7 days before the agreed date of the activity. If you cancel before this 7 day period you will receive the amount already paid back from us. – If you cancel after the 7 day period you will receive 30% of the amount back from us. The remaining 70% of the amount is used to cover the costs (already incurred). – If canceled by us, this will of course not be the case and you will be refunded the entire amount. Force majeure situations – In the event of force majeure due to illness, accident, etc., we will provide a replacement where possible. If that is not possible, the prepaid costs will be reimbursed within five working days. – In the event of force majeure due to illness, accident, etc. of you, as a result of which you will not be able to participate in the activity at this moment, a suitable solution will be sought where possible in consultation with you. Weather conditions – In the event that the weather is predicted to be too bad and the activity cannot reasonably take place, a replacement date has been reserved, namely 20 October 2017. It is up to us to determine whether this is the case. – You will receive it no later than 2 days in advance if the activity is rescheduled to the replacement date of 20 October 2017. Download the General Conditions Network Walk.